Upgraded Smithing Tables for MineClone 2

Gives the smithing table the ability to be used to upgrade all tiers of tools.

Tools / Weapons / Armor

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Upgraded Smithing Tables for MineClone 2

This mod adds the ability to upgrade all the other tiers of tools and armor besides the usual diamond armor. Be warned though that it is not possible to upgrade leather armor.

Supported upgrade items include:

  • Wood -> Stone

  • Chain Mail -> Iron

  • Stone -> Iron

  • Iron -> Gold

  • Gold -> Diamond

  • Diamond -> Netherite


To use these changes, you need to add the following lines to your definition.

_mcl_upgradable = true,
_mcl_upgrade_item_material = "mcl_nether:netherite_ingot",
_mcl_upgrade_item_name = {"diamond", "netherite"},

This API relies on the item strings to be close other than the material name.

Replace the _mcl_upgrade_item_material paramter to the upgrade material to use. For example, to upgrade a wood sword to stone sword, this paramater would be "mcl_core:cobble". The upgrade material should also be in the upgrade_material group for this to work.

Replace the _mcl_upgrade_item_name paramter in the following pattern: first part is the material type for item the line is in; while the second line is the material type of the upgraded item. For example, to upgrade a wood sword to stone sword, the defintion would be {"wood", "stone"}.


GNU General Public License


Special thank you to Fleckentstein and Code-Sploit for writing the original mcl_smithing_table mod.


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  • Nice, but not very original

    I'm not angry against you for the originality, and it's a nice add on Minetest. I like the new ore that you added, because it adds a heavier ore than diamond and that's good. That just ruin a little bit the gameplay because you don't need 3 but 1 ore to upgrade your tools and it is too simple then. Else nice mod!