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This mod adds portals which can be crafted and used to travel long distances in an instant. Items, mobs, and other objects can also travel through portals.

Portals can be set to "private" mode, making them only accessible by their owner, and admins.

This mod is designed with multiplayer in mind, and contains helpful tools and safeguards for both admins and regular players.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Nice mod that adds a good type of teleportation.

    other than that I wish there was a mod like this just with stargate size and texture.

  • easy to use

    it is simple to set up just put the portal on a flat surface and rightklick to set network name

  • No documentation on how to get these to work.

    Don't use this mod if you want an easy working portal/teleportaton system. There is no documentation on how to actuall make it work. There are better like TeleporterPad and Travelnet that work right away and you don't need any documentation to make it work.