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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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This is my fork of googol's new_campfire mod, with various improvements (fires burn into embers, can be re-lit by adding sticks, cook food on a grille instead of in the flames)



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  • the campfire is really cute, and the animation and burnout are really neat

    i haven't looked to see if there's a setting to change the amount of time, but the fire burns out in a minute or less.

    after watching an alfaro gaming video on youtube about "forgotten mods", one of them was called the campfire mod, which i thought was so cute/cool; it has a round campfire as well as a sleeping bag, which u can skip night in. i searched for it here, but only found this - i'm assuming it's the same one but it's now called "New Campfire"? anyway, IF this is that mod, but update, sad to see the omission of the sleeping bag. the sweet thing about it was that combo, and more useful as well.

    anyway, if that's just something else altogether, i apologize, this being just a campfire alone is a nice little mod.