Sprint Lite

Configurable sprinting mod that supports player_monoids, hbhunger and hudbars.

Player Effects / Power Ups

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Configurable and easy-to use sprinting mod that supports hudbars and hbhunger. Designed after hbsprint by Tacotexmex.
hbsprint is great, however there's a few bugs, so I decided to write my own "vision" of this mod.



  • Minetest 5.0.0 (Wasn't tested on previous versions but might work)
  • player_monoids
  • hudbars (optional, but strongly recommended. You won't have a hud indicator without it)
  • hbhunger (optional)


Conflicts with hbsprint

How to use

Hold "special" key to sprint (by default it's assigned to E).
While sprinting, your stamina will decrease, until it hits 0 and you'll no longer be able to sprint.
If your stamina is lower than a threshold (specified in settingtypes), then you can't start sprinting.


Mod can be configured by changing settings in Settings->All Settings->Mods->sprint_lite, or by putting them directly to your minetest.conf:

sprint_lite_max_stamina = 20
Maximum stamina of every player

sprint_lite_speed_multiplier = 1.75
Speed multiplier when sprinting

sprint_lite_jump_multiplier = 1.25
Jump multiplier when sprinting

sprint_lite_step_interval = 0.15
Server step interval in seconds, when performing sprint-related checks

sprint_lite_drain_hunger = true
Sprinting drains hunger, if hbhunger is installed

sprint_lite_hunger_amount = 0.03
Amount of hunger to drain per step

sprint_lite_stamina_drain = 0.5
Amount of stamina to drain per step

sprint_lite_stamina_regen = 0.1
Amount of stamina to regenerate per step, when not running

sprint_lite_stamina_threshold = 8
Amount of stamina below which you can't start running

sprint_lite_spawn_particles = true
Spawn particles under sprinting players

sprint_lite_require_ground = false
Require ground to run

Integration with other mods

Mod provides two public functions:

sprint_lite.set_stamina(name, amount, add)
name - string, name of the player
amount - float, amount of stamina to add/set (can be negative if "add" is true, can't be otherwise)
add - bool, should "amount" be added or set

function returns new stamina amount of the player, returns false if failed to set stamina

name - string, name of the player

function returns amount of stamina of the player, returns false if failed


All code is licensed under GPLv3 link to the license
All resources are licensed under CC BY 4.0 link to the license



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Really good sprint mod

    It is so boring walking at normal speed to a place 50+ blocks away (even worse when travelling). So this sprint mod adds a very useful feature, and it's integration with HUD Bars makes it sit nicely. I like how the stamina regenerates, and how sprinting affects satiation (hunger). I don't see any reason to not use this mod, unless you're using a different sprint mod - but this one is my favourite, and (for me) the only one that works reliably.


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