Adds a configurable technic-based transporter, with bookmarks and many options

Magic / Enchanting Transport

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This mod adds a technic-powered, highly configurable transporter.


  • Minetest 0.4.16+
  • Minetest_game 0.4.16+
  • technic


Simply connect the transporter to a technic power network.

Right-clicking it brings a transporter menu, where you can set the target coordinates (don't forget to click set to actually set the coordinates), bookmarks menu and other settings.

The transporter establishes a portal between two points, teleporting any players and remaining active as long as enough energy is supplied.

The transport cost is calculated based on distance between the points multiplied by per-node modifier (20 by default) and two-way modifier (if the portal is two-way, twice as much energy is used).

One-way checkbox enables the transporter to automatically shutdown after one teleportation (from any side).

You can save bookmarks from a transporter node by right-clicking it with a blank floppy disk. It will become blue and right-clicking any transporter node will add bookmarks stored on this floppy to the transporter.


Modpack provides some settings, accessible via "Settings->All Settings->Mods->technic_transporter
You can also put these settings directly to your minetest.conf:

transporter_multiplier = 20, int, cost of transport per node
transporter_two_way_multiplier = 2, int, multiplier of two-way cost
transporter_minimum_y = -31000, int
transporter_maximum_y = 31000, int
transporter_minimum_z = -31000, int
transporter_maximum_z = 31000, int
transporter_minimum_x = -31000, int
transporter_maximum_x = 31000, int


All code is GPLv3 link to the license
All resources not covered in the "credits" section are licensed under CC BY 4.0 link to the license



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  • This mod is so flipping cool!

    I love how it works like a star trek style transporter and it combines nicely with other technic devices to make a fully functional ship. One nitpick though, the UI is pretty unintuitive and takes some time to figure out how to use.