XP Redo

Adds experience, ranks, and doors only accessible to those above a certain rank. Not actually a redo of any mod.

Player Effects / Power Ups

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How do I install this?

Minetest mod for player experience management (xp) It adds an xp counter per player and ranks according to your xp level. The xp level, your rank and a progress bar to the next rank will show up in your hud. On every rank level up you get a award-like notification. There is also a xpgate block which, when placed under a wooden door will only allow players with a certain xp level to go through.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great for servers

    Adds fun to the game by showing some progress. Levels are also very intresting for players on multiplayer servers. Plus the server owner can require a certain level for things players may want (more areas, special tools, privs, ..).

    Downside is that players may be inclined to do things just to get to the next level.


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