Nemokitty9's Minetest Music Pack

Music Pack Containing Songs From Audiotool made by Nemokitty9 and other various artists from audiotool.

Deprecated Sounds / Music

Download (65.4 MB)
For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod is discontinued due to loss of interest. Thank you for supporting my mod.

Made for minetest. Recomended for 5.4.0. You may be able to use this in your servers. Just give me credits where you put yours.

Calm2 by me
Calm4 by me
Calm5 by me
Steam Town v2 and extended by me
Live Comp November 22 2020 by me
fun0 by me
calm1 by me
stupiddumbstupiddraft by Snowfire
Sega Saturn by Vizil
foggy by aeiter
habit by aeiter
Falling by Kitty Jamz
insertrandomdraftname by Snowfire
First try at Hip-Hop by Vizil
anotherlittlequickdraftthing by Snowfire
littlequickdraftthing by Snowfire
I dont have a name for this yet by Kitty Jamz
I can't fix myself I only break down by Vizil
organic machines oblique challenge 4 by nico / sim
i'm so so sorry by dreamweaver
arrival by aeiter
stressed out by aeiter



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  • Minetest 5.7.0

    Can we use it on Minetest 5.7.0?

  • is it copyrighted

    i have a youtube channel the omega crazytails and id like to use this if it works on my minetest just wondering if youtube will flag it as copyright never mind its fine also can i add music to it for my own use im beting i can slightly change some music from other games like pitch and speed and youtube wont notice them i also cant figure out how to add music tried everything ican thinkj of