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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

This is mod allows to play OGG file.

Easy to set up.

  1. Copy OGG file to mesecons_soundblock\sounds folder.
  2. Take soundblock (type /give mesecons_soundblock:block on the chat or search block in the inventory).
  3. Place soundblock on the ground.
  4. Click right button of mouse on soundblock - it opens configuration window. Channel - (string) channel's name, Hearing distance - (int) max. distance between block and player. If is greater than declared, player don't hear anything from block Volume
  5. Next connect soundblock using digilines with e.g. microcontroller.
  6. If you want play sound, type in e.g. controller:

digiline_send("channel", "oggfilename")

where: channel - name of earlier declared channel oggfilename - name of ogg file in "mesecons_soundblock\sounds folder" without file extension

If is correct you should listen sound file.



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