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How do I install this?

Theres still a static spawnpoint in it, cahnge it in the mod



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  • Nice mod to add parkour elements, but lacky execution

    I used this for a parkour, but there are some things which are unpleasent. The checkpoints are useful, but I don't understand why the default setting for the respawnpoint is at 0, 1, -52. I get teleported into the stone as I died. There is maybe an option to save the position when a player joins and use it later for this. Too, the checkpoints are global, every player is teleported to the checkpoint which was used at least. I try to code a mod like this too for a server with my friends, but I despair while I try to save metadata for each player. And, at last, it would be nicer if you use on_walk_over(), because someone is maybe confused if you must hit it.

    But, I hope you can use something from this, and maybe develope the mod further. X17

    P.S.: A full english translation would be nice too!