Interchangeable Hands

Demonstration of Minetest's capability to dynamically change the player hand.

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This mod uses the function introduced in this pull request by TeTpaAka. Hands is mostly for demostration purposes for the reference of other modders or for players to mess around with. Keep in mind that the mod does not work on Minetest 0.4.14, as the feature was not introduced until Minetest 0.4.15.

The mod registers a single chatcommand (/sethand) and privilege (sethand), allowing the player to set their own hand to any node or item. Hands also has a simple API with which two example hands are registered as listed below.

Alternate Hands

  • hands:grey
  • hands:space

The textures aren't very good, but it allows you to get a basic and functional overview of the new feature.


/sethand hands:grey
/sethand default:stick

The above example shows that the /sethand command works both with the hands introduced by the mod or with any other node or item already in the game. Remember to grant yourself the sethand privilege before attempting to use the chatcommand.


Though I highly doubt that this mod would actually need an API and be expanded as a stand-alone mod, I decided to provide one in case somebody wanted to. Overall, it's pretty single. The only required parameter is the itemstring/handstring.

hands.register_hand(<itemstring>, {
  wield_image = <wield image>,
  wield_scale = <wield scale>,
  tool_capabilities = <tool capabilities>,

All of the fields except for the itemstring are optional, though it's pretty pointless to register a new hand without a wield image.

API Examples


hands.register_hand("hands:space", {
  wield_image = "hands_space.png",

Fine Tuned:

hands.register_hand("hands:space", {
  wield_image = "hands_space.png",
  wield_scale = {x=1,y=1,z=2.5},
  tool_capabilities = {
        full_punch_interval = 0.9,
        max_drop_level = 0,
        groupcaps = {
            crumbly = {times={[2]=3.00, [3]=0.70}, uses=0, maxlevel=1},
            snappy = {times={[3]=0.40}, uses=0, maxlevel=1},
            oddly_breakable_by_hand = {times={[1]=3.50,[2]=2.00,[3]=0.70}, uses=0}
        damage_groups = {fleshy=1},



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