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Techage integrations add-on for advtrains

Liquids in tank wagons

Liquids can be pumped into and out of tank wagons.

Placement of spigots

The filling spigot needs to be placed 3 nodes above the tracks. It needs to be vertically above a track node, as follows:

...     |      |     ...
...     |      |     ...
...Track|Track |Track...

The draining funnel needs to be placed directly below a track:

...Track |Track|Track...

For a tank wagon to be filled/drained, the wagon needs to be positioned with its center at the spigot (+-1m) and it must not move. Then, use a regular TechAge pump to pump a liquid into or out of a wagon.

Tank wagon support

Tank wagons need to add the following field to the wagon definition:

techage_liquid_capacity = <capacity_in_liquid_units>

The tank wagons from Basic Trains have a capacity of 1000 units (like the TA3 tanks)


Textures for spigots are adapted from Techage (c) Joachim Stolberg CC-BY-SA 3.0



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