How do I install this?

This mod adds a framework to play background music in-game.

Main features include:

  • Music is synchronized across clients

  • Each player can set an individual volume or turn music off via a chatcommand

  • Vote modules for the 'vote' mod by rubenwardy to skip a song or play a specific song

  • Easily extendable with your own music



Do you recommend this mod?

  • always wanted background music

    Epic soundtrack, but I would like more calm music

  • how add more music

    ive tried everything im at my wits end some help would be awesome

  • the best of the music mods i've found and tried

    there are some other cool mods for adding music to ur games, but this one worked best for me.

    i have added my own collection of music to the sounds folder but i'm not able to hear those tracks, i wish it could hear them.

    thank you so much orwell for giving us this great mod.

  • The tracks are nice

    They fit in well enough, with tracks that sound mystical and grand, like from an RPG. I do set the tracks to play at around 20 percent, to keep them from drowning out the rest of the sounds in the game. Thanks for putting this together!