ColorBrewer palettes for cartography

8-bit ColorBrewer palettes texture pack


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A mod for implementing Prof. Cynthia Brewer's colorbrewer palettes in Minetest for cartography.


The colorbrewer palettes were created by Prof. Cynthia Brewer at Pennsylvannia State University and licensed under an Aphache License 2.0.

Prof. Paul Pickell (University of British Columbia) implemented the palettes in 8-bit (256 colors) as an installable mod for Minetest.

Install the palettes

Unpackage the colorbrewer folder into your mod directory, located wherever you installed Minetest.


colorbrewer4minetest utilizes hardware coloring and supports passing a param2 value to a colorbrewer node. As of v1.0.0, the mod only registers the 27 colorbrewer palettes, which may be used by other mods.



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