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Brick Walls

This simple mod adds brick walls for the walls mod. There are walls for many types of bricks from different mods.

Walls are added for the following brick types:

  • From default (mtg):
    • Brick
    • Stone Brick
    • Desert Stone Brick
    • Sandstone Brick
    • Desert Sandstone Brick
    • Silver Sandstone Brick
    • Obsidian Brick
  • From nether:
    • Nether Brick
    • Compressed Nether Brick
    • Cracked Nether Brick
    • Deep Nether Brick
  • From ethereal:
    • Ice Brick
    • Snow Brick
  • From xdecor:
    • Cactus Brick
    • Moon Brick
  • From sumpf:
    • Swamp Stone Brick

The number of blocks that walls connect to will also be expanded. For the walls to be added, it's required to enable the mods containing the corresponding materials (bricks).



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