Attachable Bomb(ctf)

Adds a bomb that can be attached to players and go off on timer

Multiplayer-focused Player vs Player (PvP)

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Attachable Bomb

Adds a bomb that can be left-click attached to a player in standard rubenwardy capture the flag.


  • Time to explode = default is 10 seconds
  • Damage = 52(double a standard grenade so that it will one-shot ALL types players(except invincable medics and just spawned players))
  • Has a beep sound that increases in rapidity as the timer gets closer to explosion
  • Has a blink effect on the sprite(color ≠team color its just red)
  • Punch the Entity on top of the player to set it off with double the radius(In future it will detatch the bomb)


  • Declines to take the bomb away from the attacher once it is used
  • No way to obtain the item except creative inventory and /give



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