Scriptblocks 2

Adds nodes that can be used to build reusable programs.

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Scriptblocks 2

Scriptblocks 2 is a toy programming language using nodes called scriptblocks. Scriptblocks are nodes which can be used to build reusable programs. This is also a sequel to the original scriptblocks mod, whose code has been lost to time.


  • Support for nested expressions.
  • Lexically scoped variables.
  • Custom, named procedures with up to 2 named parameters.
  • First-class lists, dictionaries, and closures with up to 1 named parameter.
  • Processes can persist for more than one tick.
  • Ability to interface with digiline networks.

This mod is an experiment to see what kind of fully-fledged programming language you can design using nodes. Some precautions have been taken to prevent server crashes, but they are not thoroughly tested, and much server lag may still occur. Use with care.


  • First-class processes
  • First-class continuations
  • Introspective 'fun' blocks

These features can be accessed by enabling the 'Enable Experiments' setting. They are not ready for use yet, and may be changed in the future!



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