Scriptblocks 2

Adds nodes that can be used to build reusable programs.

Creative Education

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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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Scriptblocks 2

Scriptblocks 2 is a Minetest mod and toy programming language using nodes called scriptblocks. Scriptblocks are nodes which can be used to build reusable programs.


  • Support for nested expressions and variables.
  • Custom, named procedures with up to 2 named parameters and dynamic scoping.
  • First-class lists, dictionaries, and lexically scoped closures with up to 1 named parameter.
  • Coroutines, closures that can be paused and resumed.
  • Processes can run for more than one tick.
  • Ability to interface with digiline networks.


  • Spawnable processes, enabling pre-emptive multitasking.
  • Introspective blocks for debug purposes, such as one to report a string representation of the call stack.

These features can be accessed through the 'Enable Experiments' setting. Some of these features can cause a lot of lag, even with the limits that have been imposed. Others are only useful for debugging purposes. Either way, don't enable these on a server!

First-class continuations have been moved to their own mod, SB2 Continuations.



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  • Good Visual programming

    This is very useful for begineers in programming and minetest games lover. I also love how you can execute commands. Like you can say things. I just also want them arranged by categories rather than randomly eventhough colour is there. Also it is slightly slow but works.