Beautiful Boulders

Procedurally Generated Rocks with (pretty) Accurate Collision Boxes

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration

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Beautiful Boulders

A Mod for Randomly Generated Rocks in Minetest

By default, the boulders are available via the creative inventory, but also naturally spawn on the ground and in rock faces.

PLEASE NOTE that if you enable this mod it will scatter boulders everywhere in new chunks, which may be hard to clean up if you wish to disable the mod later on.

Algorithm Explanation:

  1. Given randomly spaced 3d points, generate a convex hull too be used as the rock model.
  2. Save the ConvexHull returned by scipy into a .obj file.
  3. Generate collision boxes for each vertex with an Axis Aligned Bounding Box starting from the origin (0,0,0) and ending at each point.
  4. Save the collision boxes.

How to use

The mod comes packaged with 20 sample boulders (10 round, 10 vertical)

To regenerate the stones with the default parameters, simply run, and it will save the models and nodeboxes appropriately.

  • TODO: Make it easier for people to customize the stone generation (command line arguments, perhaps)


Code: MIT (license text located in the file named LICENSE)

The boulder models and nodeboxes are the product of a general algorithm, and therefore I do not and cannot claim ownership over the sample boulders included with this mod, or any boulders generated by the program.

However, if you reside in a country or region or are in a circumstance where I do have rights to the sample boulders or any output of the program, then the outputs of the program may be licensed to you under CC0-1.0.



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