For Minetest 5.6 and above

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yet another tree-cutting mod

differences from other tree-cutting mods

  • no lag
  • cuts from the top down
  • recognizes specific species of tree (new trees must be registered)
  • recognizes tree boundaries (very approximate, but can be extended)
  • axes must be whitelisted (commonly known axe names are whitelisted by default)
  • respects protection
  • can be "on by default"
  • will automatically stop before breaking your axe
  • digs nodes in proportion to the axe's true speed, and will "catch up" if there's lag.
  • differentiates player-built and natural trees when possible (NOTE: this only applies to structures built after this mod is installed)


  • /toggle_choppy

toggles whether you have to hold down "sneak" to enable choppy, or whether it will be enabled by default.


see [settingtypes.txt]

public api

  • choppy.api.register_axe(itemstring)

register a tool that will work as an axe

  • choppy.api.unregister_axe(itemstring)

unregister a tool that will work as an axe

  • choppy.api.is_enabled(player)

returns "true" if choppy mode is enabled for a player. this means that existing processes will continue, and new processes can be started.

  • choppy.api.toggle_enabled(player_name)

toggles whether the player has to hold down "sneak" to enable choppy, or whether it will be enabled by default.

  • choppy.api.register_on_choppy_start(function(process, player, start_pos, tree_node))

called when a choppy process is started. return "true" to abort the process.

  • choppy.api.register_on_choppy_stop(function(player_name))

called when a choppy process is stopped.

  • choppy.api.register_on_before_chop(function(process, player, pos, node))

called before chopping a node. return "true" to skip the node.

  • choppy.api.register_tree_shape(shape_name, def)

register a tree "shape", which allows limited ways of preventing multiple trees from being felled simultaneously. def includes two callbacks:

  • in_bounds = function(pos, start_pos, shape)

    called for each node which may be chopped.

  • player_in_bounds = function(player_pos, start_pos, shape)

    called to check whether the player has wandered away from the tree

  • choppy.api.register_tree(tree_name, def)

register a tree. def defines a shape and a map of nodes to their type (trunk, leaves, etc.)

  • choppy.api.unregister_tree(tree_name)

removes a tree from the registry



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