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For Minetest 5.8 and above

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a fork of hamlet's mime, but much sneakier!



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  • Wait! Is that just a chest? Or not? Fun mod

    Mimes are a severe danger to new players who often fall victim to them. Later in game, when your armour is better and you're more experienced, you'll still encounter mimes - and some will put a smile on your face when they fail to cloak perfectly - and thus look funny :-) After a while, every unlocked chest seen in the wild becomes highly suspicious of beeing a mime. They also try to hunt animals and often succeed in doing so.

    Mimes will try to mimic almost anything they can, including NPC and other large and small mobs. Sometimes they cloak as plants.

    Be prepared to realize that that misplaced block over there on the road wasn't your error - it's just a mime ,-)

  • what was that?!

    What was the black goo??? Does it spit? Apparently it does. Great experience :D

  • Nice mob!

    Upon spawning or occasionally afterwards, a mime mob disguises itself as a node or entity that is close to it. The disguise is almost perfect for nodes (as entities are not shaded exactly like nodes … players can still figure out which sand or dirt node is really a mime) and perfect for non-animated entities. When copying animated entities though, mimes do not mimic the idle animations – they stand perfectly still instead. That sheep statue over there? Yep, that's a mime in disguise.

    When attacking, a mime mob shoots globs of glue that can disorient and immobilize (and possibly drown?) a player. Once a player got out of the glue, a mime may have changed its disguise again. Fortunately, mimes are easy to kill if a player can dodge their glue attacks.