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Verbana: Verification and banning mod for Minetest

Copyright flux 2021 LGPLv3


A portmanteau of "verification", "ban", and the herb verbena.


The terms network and ASN are used interchangeably in this document.

The terms player and account are also used interchangeably in most contexts; sometimes player will refer to a physical person, however.


This mod is a response to sban, an IP-aware banning mod derived from xban, and BillyS's verification mod for Blocky Survival. Both of these mods have problems that I've long wanted to resolve, and it seemed the best resolution to those problems was to create a new integrating the features of both.

Sban is a good first attempt at IP-aware bans, but it has several major flaws: 1. Multiple users may be associated with an IP, and banning one often bans them all. 2. Banned IPs can still "hack" into existing accounts of other players by brute-forcing weak passwords. 3. For many trolls, getting access to a new IP is far too easy, and there is no effective way to keep them off the server.

BillyS's verification mod was created to deal with one particular troll on the BlockySurvival server, who repeatedly got around sban by getting new IPs from VPNs and his regular mobile service provider. When enabled, it requires all new players to be verified by a player with moderator privileges before they can interact with the server or communicate with non-moderator players.

The flaws in the verification mod are 1. Verification is all-or-nothing; either all new players require verification, or none of them do. 2. Moderators are not always online to verify new players. 3. New players come from all over the world, and may not be able to communicate with the moderator. 4. New players are of all ages, and may not be able to communicate in chat at all.

Verbana aims to provide name-based banning, as well as ip and network based blocking and verification. 1. IPs and Networks may be marked as "untrusted" - all new players from untrusted IPs/networks must go through verification, while other new players may join at will. 2. A "verification jail" can optionally be specified, which prevents unverified players from getting loose on the server.
3. IPs and Networks may be blocked or temporarily blocked, should the need arise.

Some features of sban that the first release of Verbana will likely lack: * A GUI. The sban GUI does not work particularly well anyway, and I don't know formspec. Use commands. * Import/export from various other ban formats. I plan to import data from sban, but I don't have a use case for the rest. However, if someone wants to write a module to import from e.g. xban2, be my guest.


  • Minetest 5.0 or later.
  • Verbana must be listed as a trusted mod in minetest.conf (secure.trusted_mods), in order to use a sqlite database.
  • lsqlite3 (SQLite3 for Lua) must be installed and accessible to Minetest's Lua.
  • The easiest way I know how to do this: install luarocks, and execute luarocks --lua-version 5.1 install lsqlite3 or the appropriate variation.
  • The Minetest server must use IPv4 exclusively. I've made zero attempt to support IPv6.
  • There's some soft dependencies on linux. Windows users may need to make some changes, which I would gladly accept as a PR.

Optional Dependencies

Verbana can make use of the stock IRC mod, as well as the "IRC2" mod that is used on the Blocky Survival server to connect to a second IRC server.

Sban and verification are also listed as optional dependencies, but this is primarily in order for verbana to detect their presence. By default, verbana will run in "debug mode" if these mods are detected. If you wish to use verbana as intended, you do *not* want these mods installed.


If you don't know the basics of installing a minetest mod, please see * *

Trust the mod

Verbana must be marked as a trusted mod, with a line like the following added to minetest.conf:

secure.trusted_mods = verbana

The only "trusted" thing verbana does is load lsqlite so that it can interact with its database. To our knowledge, verbana cannot leak the insecure environment, but it can leak the lsqlite interface in minetest 5.0.1 and development versions before commit ecd20de.

Download ASN tables

Once you have put the verbana mod in the correct place, you will need to download the ASN tables that verbana uses to correlate IP numbers with networks. On Linux systems, you should just be able to run the script On other systems, you will need to find another way to download those files, and convert the data-used-autnums file from ths ISO-8859-1 encoding to utf8.

The ASN tables update regularly, though for the most part nothing major changes. You should put a process in place that updates these automatically (or manually) some period between daily and monthly.


The following configuration options are available, and can be set in your minetest.conf file.

  • verbana.db_path

The location verbana will store its database. Defaults to ${WORLD_ROOT}/verbana.sqlite.

  • verbana.asn_description_path

The location of the ASN description file. Defaults to ${MOD_ROOT}/data-used-autnums

  • verbana.asn_data_path

The location of the ASN data file. Defaults to ${MOD_ROOT}/data-raw-table

  • verbana.admin_priv

The privilege needed to administer verbana. Defaults to ban_admin. This privilege will be created if it does not currently exist.

  • verbana.moderator_priv

The privilege needed to use verbana for moderation. Defaults to ban. This privilege will be created if it does not currently exist.

  • verbana.kick_priv

The privilege needed to kick users. By default, the moderator privilege will be used. If you want a separate privilege just for kicking, you can set this value. Usually you'll want to give it the value "kick".

  • verbana.unverified_privs

The privileges granted to users with the "unverified" status. Defaults to shout. If there are multiple privileges, they should be comma-delimited.

  • default_privs

This is a core setting, not a verbana-specific one. Verbana uses it to determine what privileges to give to players once they are verified. Defaults to shout,interact. If there are multiple privileges, they should be comma-delimited.

  • verbana.whitelisted_privs

A list of privileges that are equivalent to the whitelisted status. If a player has all of the listed privileges, they skip the suspicious network checks on login. By default, it is blank i.e. disabled.

  • static_spawnpoint

This is a core setting, not a verbana-specific one. Verbana uses this to determine where a normal (verified) player will spawn, and where to move players that are newly verified. It is a list of coordinates (x,y,z), and defaults to (0,0,0).

  • verbana.unverified_spawn_pos

Coordinates where unverified players will spawn. It is a list of coordinates (x,y,z) and defaults to the value of static_spawnpoint.

  • verbana.jail_bounds

Boundaries for the verification "jail" area, if one exists. It needs to be specified as a pair of coordinates, (x1,y1,z1),(x2,y2,z2), that specify the 3d bounding box of the jail. If a jail is defined, verbana.unverified_spawn_pos should be inside of the jail, or unexpected behavior may result.

  • verbana.jail_check_period

A period, specified in seconds, between checks of whether an unverified player has escaped the verification jail. It defaults to 0, which disables the jail.

Both verbana.jail_bounds and verbana.jail_check_period must be defined in order for the verification jail to be enabled.

  • verbana.universal_verification

If set to true, all new users must be verified. Otherwise, only players from suspicious networks need be verified. Defaults to false

  • verbana.debug_mode

Whether to run verbana in debug mode. By default, verbana will run in debug mode if the sban or verification mod are installed and enabled. Setting this will override that behavior, if that is desired.

In debug mode, verbana will (1) reload the schema on every server startup (2) automatically import data from sban, if its DB is found (3) not make any changes to player privileges (4) not block any users from connecting to the server (5) not kick any users from the server.


too much to list here, see


too many to list here, see



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