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a command to create 2d mazes using worldedit.

you can specify material(s), path width, wall width, algorithm, and a seed.


//maze default:stone,default:cobble air 3 2 wilsons 7717

makes a maze where the nodes in the walls are randomly cobble or stone, the passsages are air, the width of a path is 3, the width of the walls is 2, and 7717 is a seed (to generate the same maze consistently). note that if a seed is provided, the maze will only be identical if the x/z size is identical.

supported algorithms:

  • wilsons

this produces the most balanced mazes - all possible mazes are equally likely.

  • backtrack

this tends to produce mazes with long paths and few dead ends.

  • prims

this tends to produce mazes with short paths and lots of dead ends.



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