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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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Localized and simple server news for Minetest servers. Original version by Shara RedCat, forked and improved by Ronoaldo.

This mod displays a formspec when the player joins. To set the news text to display, make a file named in your world directory for each locale you plan to support, falling back to a file if no localized version is found.

The contents of this file will be displayed to the player, interpreted as Markdown. When changing the contents of the file, there is no need to restart the server for it to update in game so you can also test quickly the display.

Players can also type /news to display the formspec at any time.

Players with the news_bypass privilege will not see the formspec when they sign in, but can still use the /news command.


Code for this mod is released under MIT (

This mod uses textures from Bootstrap Icons, also licensed under MIT (



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