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VoxeLibre TNT Sticks vl_tnt_sticks [WIP]

This mod adds throwable TNT sticks to VoxeLibre.

Author: Mikita 'rudzik8' Wiśniewski


There are 3 types of TNT sticks.

Regular ones will explode when touching ground.

Sticky ones will stick to surfaces and explode after 4 seconds. They are crafted with a slime ball.

Fire ones will (similarly to regular ones) explode when touching ground, but will also set things around on fire. Crafted with a fire charge.


Regular TNT Stick recipe

Sticky TNT Stick recipe

Fire TNT Stick recipe


The license of the source code is MIT. See LICENSE file for details.

The license of the media assets is CC BY-SA 4.0. See MEDIA_LICENSE file or this deed for details.



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