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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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A fork of the original Comboblock mod by Pithy for Minetest version 5.0 to 5.6. Allows for the stacking of slabs vertically with additional features added


  • Stack traditional half slabs vertically and horizontally

  • Slab stacking will respect rotation if a slab is rotated the second slab will be placed beside the existing slab vertically (inside the same node/block area)

  • Rules around placement more intuitive e.g click on bottom of node/slab placed below, click on top of node/slab placed above. 5 placement orientations by clicking edge or center of target node.

  • As of correctly respects protection

  • Handles mods with slabs whose textures are different resolutions



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great mod, but has problems with glass slabs

    This mod is pretty nice and works as advertised, mostly.

    When I tried using glass slabs, it revealed several issues:

    • Glass slabs and non-glass slabs can not be stacked.
    • The message that is shown in the above case has a broken german translation.
    • A combined node of two different glass slabs has a texture corresponding to the material placed last.
  • Good working

    It is really good working with connection one slab to other. And could you register nodes from "Baked clay" and they will be connected. I would be glad.

    I'm sorry for my no good English...

  • Works with my stone mod

    It just works. My only gripe is that the top half of the texture is used for the slab in all cases but when you make a full block out of slabs. It could look wierd on some blocks.

  • Incredible idea.-

    Even Minecraft doesn't do this. I couldn't get it to run alongside my other mods anyway since I have so many types of slabs in the game.-


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