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A texture pack that started off based on the textures that were created for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and then added to over time.

Version 1 - Broth Soup covers the below mods almost 100% and includes around 1400 images, I will keep working but it wont be a fast process.

3d_armor 3d_armor_shields awards basic_materials bedrock
bedrock2 beds_bed binoculars boats bonemeal
bones buckets butterflies carts creative
default doors dye ethereal farming
farming_redo fire fireflies flowers itemframes
keys map menu minimap mobs_animal
mobs_redo moreblocks moreores nextgen_bedrock pbj_pup
pigiron player_api protector screwdriver stairs
sun_moon tnt vessels wool worldedit

**Notes **

  • awards is covered although I supplied those textures to the awards mod directly long ago, I do need to make some new ones to cover new awards.

  • 3d_armor, curently missing nether armor and re-inforced shields



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • Great 😁👍🏻

    Great textures, they are very very beautiful, good job 😁👍🏻

  • Nice Pack

    Hello! A nice texture pack. I use parts of it on my server. There are many detailed textures. All 32px but they fit nicely with the default textures. Mithril is a little bit to greenish, i changed that. btw the armors are cool i love them. Also many of the tools are really good. Good work man!

    Yours Gorm

  • a great texture pack

    i think it is desegned by a mester drawer :) i using a other texture pack already but iam sure i will use this more times in the future :)

  • Quite consistent, good-looking 32x pack - fantasy themed?

    The best 32x texture pack for Minetest currently, if you ask me. Wow! Sirrobzeroone has really found the magic of 32x, while keeping things altogether looking mostly consistent and visually appealing. It's not perfect, and there's definitely some "rough edges" in places, but it's shoulders higher than anything else other 32x packs I've seen have to offer. Plus, the list of supported mods is larger than probably any other texture pack currently, just to top it off. This deserves many more eyeballs than it is getting!

  • Very well done and crisp

    The textures here manage to be both very detailed and sharp without being muddy or undefined. One of the best 32x texturepacks ive seen for Minetest

  • i like this art style

    i've been looking for any 32x res texturepacks that's more realistic and fantasy rpg looking and not too minecrafty. and this one is perfect. hope you continue development for a while.

  • Great job

    Congratulations on the excellent work with the textures