Coal from Trees

Cook trees to get coal


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Adds one single recipe - coal from cooking trees



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  • Nice Mod

    Actually just wanted to make this myself, but then saw that you were quicker ;)

  • Useful on technic, pipeworks, mesecons, digilines servers

    For infinite diamond generators, however, none of these servers want to install a mod like this because having infinite diamonds would be overpowered for how easy it is to get the coal from the cooked trunks.

    To remedy this, I think a number of grinding, mixing, refining, extraction, cooking, and compression steps (at low yield in various steps) could be added in order to make the crafting pipeline much slower and more difficult if someone wanted to generate the end coal lump product in order to turn that into diamonds or other materials like diatom structured graphyne (mod concept in voting stage).

    For example, it could be made that the mod detects these other mods, and switches recipes on these servers. An example recipe could be something like Wood Trunks > Ground Into Wet Mulch > Cooked to Dry Mulch > Magnet Extractor machine removes metallic fragments > Ground into Sawdust > Mixed with Water forming Slurry > Slurry Refined into Stock > Wood Stock Cooked to Wood Powder > Powder Extracted into Coal Dust, then finally someone can compress that to get coal lumps. The processes dealing with liquid slurries and chemical extraction could take much longer.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this is considered, as most of the optionally dependent recipes are simple to add.