Bell Chimes

Adds a set of church bells that are chimed automatically at different periods.


Bell Chimes adds a set of church bells that are chimed automatically at different periods to audibly denote the passage of time in world.

The bells are non-craftable and intended for placement by an administrator in a conspicuous location, like a bell tower at spawn.

Generally speaking, if your time speed is set to the standard 20-minutes per in-game days then you will hear the monthly tolls about twice per real-world day. Likewise, you will hear the carillon chimes about six times per real-world month.

Both the great bell and quarter bells are sounded by means of a mechanical rack-and-snail actuator that strikes each bell with a hammer on the side. For the time being (no pun intended), this is only a sound-effect, but in the next version a model of the physical device will be included. For now you, are welcome to construct the turret clock striking mechanism to scale for added realism in your world.

Even though there is no formal calendar convention in Minetest games, I settled on months having 30 days and years having 360 days -- a suitable homage to the geometric simplicity of the voxel world.

And lastly, there is a new chat command for obtaining the in-game date or time, as well as the server's local date and time. Simply type "/clock" followed by "date" or "time".

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