Extra Doors

Extra Doors provides a range of interior and exterior doors for builders


Extra Doors adds a set of 18 new doors to Minetest. They encompass a wide variety of different building styles, so players are no longer restricted to the four basic steel, wood, glass, and obsidian glass doors that come shipped with the default game.


  • Unzip the archive into the mods directory of your game
  • Rename the extra_doors-master directory to "extra_doors"

Getting Started

I designed all of the door textures for the JT2 server, with the exception of the Cottage Exterior Door and the Japanese Door which I borrowed from X-Decor mod with slight modifications. A couple of the designs were loosely inspired by the mydoors mod.

I truly believe that doors are one of the most essential but often overlooked elements of good architectural design. They set the tone and character of both a living and working space. Have the wrong style of door can make or break the underlying visual aesthetic of any building, which is why I accounted for several possible uses. Enjoy!



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