Pluggable Helpers

Automated dependency management of helper functions within a distributed architecture

Complex installation Developer Tools API / Library

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Pluggable Helpers aims to encourage the cooperative development of helper functions in Minetest mods and games by automating the entire process from downloading to installation, including management of dependencies, within a distributed architecture backed by the BitBucket Cloud for secure version control.

Modularity is extremely important when it comes to maintaining large scale code-bases such as games and mods in Minetest. Helper classes and methods and even libraries serve this purpose. But so often they are re-implemented over-and-over again since nobody wants to rely on external dependencies in their mods and games. Eventually some helper functions may be integrated into the engine, but even that is often a lengthy review process with its own share of obstacles and pitfalls.

This is where Pluggable Helpers comes into the picture.

"The core philosophy of Pluggable Helpers is to empower the community to create an evolving game-development API through the use of a jointly maintained public repository of helper classes, methods, and libraries that can be downloaded and installed on-the-fly with no intervention required by the end-user."

Although the Pluggable Helpers mod has no dependencies in and of itself, it does need to perform occasional HTTP requests. Therefore, it must be added to the list of secure_http_mods in minetest.conf.



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