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Minetest mod "REAL Stamina"

Modifications: 2022 - Nekobit (C) 2015 - BlockMen (C) 2016 - Auke Kok

About this mod modification:

This version of Stamina is a modification of the mod.

It not only updates the previous source code to match the modern Minetest Lua API, but strips out the Hunger altogether to add a "real stamina" system. Stamina is capped at a time limit.

It's really lazy and hacked together, but I did this for a server who I host for my friends and community. Please improve and send suggestions

Textures are reused from the Stamina mod. It looks fine for now but I may change it in the future if I decide to care.

Also adds FOV multipliers, thought it looked cool


Code: - all code LGPL-2.1+ Textures: - stamina_hud_poison.png - BlockMen (CC-BY 3.0) - stamina_hud_fg.png - PilzAdam (WTFPL), modified by BlockMen - stamina_hud_bg.png - PilzAdam (WTFPL), modified by BlockMen Sounds: - stamina_eat.*.ogg - CC-BY-3.0



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