A storage managing solution to get an overview over all your items.

Machines / Electronics Transport

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MicroExpansion - ME [microexpansion]

  • Licence: Code: MIT (see LICENSE), Media: CC-BY-SA 3.0

When you really get into a survival world, you typically end up with a lot of items, like a ton of items. Sometimes literally.
But with that huge amount of resources, comes something annoying and typically unwanted: chests.
Well, of course. You have to have chests to store items, but no biggie, it's just chests.
Then your storage room starts to grow, soon you have 25 chests, then 50, then 100.
When management gets too hard. MicroExpansion, is the solution.

Forked and continued by theFox6 from the original mod by octacian. Original Repository Original license: MIT This mod was inspired by Applied Energistics 2 for Minecraft
MicroExpansion introduces many new nodes and items giving the player simpler and more compact ways to store thousands of items inside of a single ME drive.



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  • Pretty good storage mod

    Still have annoying bugs, but is a viable way of storing items.

  • Too difficult to understand

    Nothing in this mod is intuitive. I have tried for several hours trying to get this to work with no luck. Would be nice to have some sort of documentation. With no documentation this is not workable for us non coders.

    I am the absolute end user with no coding knowledge or experience.