Working villages

A mod adding villager NPCs that are doing predefined work.

Mobs / Animals / NPCs


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Do you recommend this mod?

  • The mobs are fascinating to watch

    When you get past some of the bugs, the behaviors and pathing(sometimes they need help reaching the roof to build). The presence of these mobs makes a world feel like things are happening elsewhere. Something I like very much.

    Like having a builder go and build the fancy hut once you've stocked them up with the necessary supplies to build the structure. Or, having one individual go off and collect grass in the area. These are the highlights of the mod.

    As for the bugs. One crash I'm running into is that the woodcutters will be doing something, and then the server closes. This issue occurs usually after or during the woodcutter chopping a tree.

  • It doesn't work

    It always crashes (when I use this mod)

  • It was nice

    THe mod used to be nice but now it always crashes as soon as I place the building sign