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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Modern Ish is a modpack of assorted (currently creative-mode-only) especially-built mods, Designed to help make more detailed citys, while staying true to minetest's 16x16 pixelated, blocky style.


  • Wall decor. including neon signs, hand dryers, wall-phones, speakers, and more.
  • an extensive set of modular ceiling tile blocks.
  • assorted lights. both wall-mounted and blocks.
  • 'fake' daytime and nighttime sky blocks for making interesting outdoors-themed rooms.
  • 'modern ish' computer blocks. including disk and reel to reel drives and monitors, for creating a server room or super computer theme.
  • freshly tarred and cracked pavement blocks.
  • and more modern goodness.



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  • modern ish

    The different modern looking modpack Ive seen till now cool one.I was just absolutely amazed dwith the things.

    But please make the modern furniture functioning also it would look better