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This is a very lightweight mod for creating and managing guilds.

List of commands:

  • /create_guild guild_name creates the guild "guild_name" the guild_priv is needed for this.
  • /my_guild returns in wich guild you are who is the leader and wich rank you have.
  • /join_guild guild_name sends a join request to the guild guild_name.
  • /accept player_name accepts the player "player_name" in your guild. You have to be at least rank 5 to do this.
  • /leave_guild leaves the guild you are currently in. You cant do this as leader for now.
  • /gm message Sends a message to all guild mates.
  • /gt player Teleports to the player if the player is in the same guild
  • /declare_war guild_name Declare war to another guild.(The command just sends a message to all players of the other guild to meet in the pvp arena). You have to be at least rank 8 to do so.
  • /promote player_name rank This promotes the player to the given rank. You have to be at least one rank over the rank you want promote to.
  • /list_guilds Returns a list of all guilds.
  • /guilds_menu shows the guild menu

I hope you enjoy the mod.


  • Players can have different ranks with different privs
  • Message system between guild mates
  • Declare war to a guild
  • No friendly fire between guild members
  • A GUI


  • I think its clear but this mod is only usefull on servers.
  • If you want that everybody can create guilds just disable the privs line in the registration of "/create_guild".
  • After 2.0.0 the mod switched to player meta data and is therefore not compatible with earlier versions



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