Observe terrain and players from anywhere.


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Holo Surveilance

Provides one new node (holosurveilance:holo) when placed this block will display the heightprofile and all players(red cubes) of a region with 16x16x16 dimensions. The lower corner(min x, min y, min z) of this region can be defined by rightclicking the block, these coordinates are relative to the position of the block and aligned to world coordinates so it doesnt matter how the block is facing.

There is also an option to outline the area that gets scanned, this option is available through the same menu as the rest.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Works great and looks fantastic.

    This mod is awesome! I tested it out expecting disappointment after reading reviews saying it doesn't work, but it works well, and looks great! This has an incredible potential. +1

    One thing that should be considered in future updates is more translucent blocks showing every block in the area. Also, the coordinates are a little confusing at the moment and could be fixed.

  • good mods

    very good mods

  • awesome

    this is quite cool. now I can view the terrain and not need the MT map. Great work!

  • Works really well

    This is super neat, can be a little laggy depending on what terriain you have it displaying, not the fault of the mod though, that's just what happens when you have that many entities.

  • A bit confusing at first, but works well!

    I tested this mod, and it works well! The terrain displays correctly, and the player position is accurate. However, there are a few things that could be more clear:

    • The coordinates are relative to the holo block, they are not world coordinates as I initially thought. So setting the position to (x=1, y=2, z=3) will position the hologram at 1 node East, 2 nodes below, and 3 nodes North of the holo block.
    • The hologram itself only shows the highest node in a stack of nodes. So if you have a tall wall, you will only see the top row of nodes on that wall. I fixed this as a test, but it produced serious lag, so I guess it's just best the way it is.
    • It's unclear at times which way the holo block is facing, so I sometimes end up walking around it to see where the little red player cube pops up.

    All in all though, this is a neat mod, and it works great!

  • Very good

    I like the idea and it is very useful.. It's awesome for building spaceships and similar. Also the textures are very nice.

  • Good, but do not see any purpose in it

    I just read a different review, and only just then discovered that it was releteive to the block not asbolute.