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Sunset Biomes

This is part of a bigger project I am working on, but I dislike it when content creators only give you the choice between all or nothing, so I will publish it in smaller mods.

The two biomes added are called: * The Old * The Mighty

I know the names sound a bit strange, but who cares?

The Old

A biome with small trees and some lonely houses, that were built long ago. It seems that this region of land has been there since the ancient times, no real change has occured here for a long time and it is told that the old inhabitants of this region still come back to it at night.

The Mighty

Wherever fragments of great power come to the world, they let it shine in the brightest colors.

The Lost Kingdom

These strongholds are all that remains from a once great kingdom. The few who live inside them, sealed the doors to the outside world in fear of something only they know about. This is really barebone right now, it only generates the stronghold, people will come.

More biomes are planned and I also need to add some stuff you can craft with the materials of the biomes, but that is it for now.


This mod increases mapgen time by a bit especially for the old, the game might run a bit slower when generating this biome. This mod might break other mods that change the appearance of the sky or clouds.



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  • awesome

    this mod is awesome. I look forward to your future additions to the mod.

  • Mysterious and fantastical

    The biomes have a few unique resources and structures that feel like they hold secrets, and may be the basis for something more further down the line. When I look for new biomes or other features to add to my world, they stray more into the horror or fantasy genre. Among the mods I've tried, this one has a good bit of work put in it and I can't wait to see what's in store as it's developed.