defaultpack Remastered

~Remastered version of the Minetest Game default texture pack – aims for a smoother and realistic look



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defaultpack Remastered

A remastered version of the Minetest Game default texture pack.

~ It aims for a smoother and realistic look which still is pretty much based on the defaultpack.

Cause in general I like the realistic and rather simple style, there are some textures I really love (above all the permafrost nodes). But some others tend to be a bit expressionless, with no real substance or structure - for example dirt - and some just have weird colors (Sand(stone) has a greenish tint to it?!).

So for most of the textures I only minimized the color palette and shifted color shades a bit to overall have a uniform look:


Contains so far:

  • default (~39%)
  • unified_inventory


Because many textures are based on those of the Minetest Game which mainly were distributed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license those still are. Similar applies to textures for other mods. To specify which textures this concerns / what the basis and who its author is, there should be a file called "" in every mod directory of this pack, which also contains information about the originally used license.

The textures I made from scratch are licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.


  • [ ] Complete the textures for default mod
  • [ ] Do the rest 👌
  • [ ] ...and then also provide all the licensing informations



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • An excellent Minetest Game texture pack

    This has long been my favorite Minetest Game texture pack. It enhances the overall look of the game while remaining faithful to the original textures. Although it is incomplete at the time of this review, it currently improves most of the ground/stone/biome textures which tend to stand out the most, and that alone is worth a lot.

    I recommend this texture pack to anyone who wants a simple yet pronounced improvement upon the default Minetest Game aesthetic.

  • It's good, feels complete

    That said, it sticks to the default look almost too well. If you find default bad for any reason other than too large of palettes or some slightly wonky color choices, this doesn't do much. It's very reminiscent of those compromise packs for Minecraft that attempt to combine the new and old looks of the game. I have to give it credit in a few specific places though. It works wonders on Jungle trees, cobblestone, and the palette for each of the sands.

  • cool vannila + texturepack

    oh yes my favorite way things look wired forget about weird in the description also burn the witch in the description as it is which :P