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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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VM Lighting Wand

Adds a Wand that can spawn a light node both in water or air. But it is greedy, it requires been fed burnable items in order to place lights. The Wand provides a GUI interface by right clicking while holding a Wand. From here you can see details about the wand and a slot to feed it burnable items. As the wand is fed more items and builds up power it will level up, increasing the level grants it more range and decreases its usage cost. Levels can be fully configured to suit your needs within the provided config.lua file, a backup of this file can be found at core/config.dist.lua

To place a light on top of a liquid node hold shift while pointing at some liquid. A light will be removed if the node you are placing it already contains a light node. the wand sound and particles can be disabled within the games settings page under mods

feedback, suggestions and comments are all welcome.


  • works with all games
  • just needs burnable items
  • Easy setting of custom recipe
  • see config.lua
  • a command setting to manage all players stored power
  • disabled by default
  • requires privilege added by this mod
  • built in levelling system increasing placement range and reducing usage costs
  • creative players are placed in the last level automatically and can place light nodes for free
  • setting to give new players a wand for free when they join
  • disabled by default
  • sound and particle effects
  • configure all levels
  • add/remove/alter/balance
  • overall efficiency multiplier setting for fast balancing to suit needs
  • fancy GUI to show wand status and fed its hunger!



sounds/vm_lighting_wand.ogg = (CC BY-NC 4.0) (see sounds/LICENSE.txt)

everything else is MIT (see LICENSE)



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