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This texture pack aims to create a Commodore 64 8-bit style environment for Minetest. All images herein are hand-drawn, based on the overall style used in my(VannessaE) photorealistic packs (but of course limited to what a C64 could theoretically display).

put the texture pack in the /textures folder and enable the texture pack from the content tab



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • Nice idea with questionable execution

    The idea of a texture-pack that is based of an actual system arcetexture insead of just bein pixel art is a novel concept. The problen just comes from the lack of support with half the blocks in the default game being unchanged, and the textures themselves are also rough and hard to destinguish

  • If you like the colors…

    …and are okay with massive screen tearing, this pack might be an option for you.

    It looks & "behaves" extremely experimental - and hosts a bunch of controversies in and off itself:

    • Grass, Dirt, Stone and similar textures tear in form of slight grease about 10m from the player.
    • Textures look moody but are in bright colors on the contrary.
    • Colors are waaaay off which makes it look like they are just there to make blocks distinguishable.
    • Trees look very pastel - but not off, considering the theme.