make liquid list more game agnostic
[f379c] created 2021-10-30.
last time
[16476] created 2021-01-22.
try again
[e31fb] created 2021-01-22.
change license file for github
[baeb3] created 2021-01-22.
add badges to readme
[428e8] created 2021-01-22.
add mod.conf
[8a5e6] created 2021-01-18.
add settings
[7cdca] created 2021-01-18.
add github workflow
[68d79] created 2021-01-10.
update readme, add technic cans support
[e4ebb] created 2021-01-09.
refactor code + fix buckets
[1e33f] created 2021-01-09.
remove ability for water to grow
[ec980] created 2020-09-19.
added height check
[3a5bc] created 2020-09-19.
remove buckets from inv
[26b5b] created 2020-09-19.
remove replacer bypass of spill
[39e56] created 2020-09-19.
adding luacheck
[7089e] created 2020-09-19.
1.0.0 [MT 5.0+]
[bec7e] created 2020-06-27.