Racing game, with procedurally generated tracks

One-of-a-kind / Original Transport

This game has procedural generated tracks for you to race on currently. note that this game is currently still a WIP but is barely playable



Do you recommend this game?

  • An interesting start

    It's reasonably fun driving around a track, but without any competitors it's not really a race! It would be cool to see AI racers, a wider track, and laps in the future.

    Are you going for a realistic or cartoonish game? With a cartoonish game, power ups and such would also be cool. You should also disable fuel if so.

    Two things about the kart (I know you didn't make it, but as a game maker you are nonetheless responsible for the entire experience):

    • It would be good if the camera was locked onto the kart's direction, as manually turning it is annoying.
    • It's not obvious that you need to use E to turn the engine on, and then up to accelerate. I suggest making the engine always be on