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Changes in Version 2.0:

  • patched crash
  • added luacheck
  • added github actions to run luacheck
  • made game agnostic
  • added worldedit command that takes three optional arguements
  • renamed mod

yes, this is slightly overkill to fix a mod

Changes in Version 1.1:

  • Nodes from third-party mods can now be used as maze materials (thanks MT_Dad)

I started this to implement a maze generation algorithm that I use when I draw mazes on paper. The result is not exactly this algorithm since computers are apparently too dumb for it, but it's worth to be shared anyway.

Things you need to know about the mazes:

  • Start at one corner and find your way to the opposite corner

  • There is exactly one way

  • Big mazes will drive you crazy

  • Mazes do not have a floor or a top cover by default, add this using WorldEdit if you want.

Generating a maze:

  • Use WorldEdit to define 2 opposing corners. The maze is spawned between them and all walls are as high as the height difference between the two positions.

  • Execute this chatcommand:

    /maze [any random number as seed]

Note: the maze always has odd dimensions, if the x/z distance between pos1 and pos2 is even, the dimension is just rounded down.

Changing maze materials:

  • On top of init.lua, you find some content id assignments. Change the node names in there.

  • Alternatively, you can just replace the generated nodes with the WorldEdit //replace command.



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