Xiangqi (Chinese chess)

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Xiangqi - Chinese chess for Minetest


The board currently does not have a crafting recipe. You currently need to get it from the inventory in creative mode.

Right-click a figure to select it (or, if it is already selected, deselect it). The selected figure is marked green, and the possible target positions are marked, with (in particular) targetable figures from the opposing side marked blue. Left-click on the target to move the selected figure to the target position.

The figures face the side that should make a move.

Wikipedia has a page on the rules of Xiangqi.


  • The game does not check whether the move results in the king/general (帥/將) being captured.
  • The game does not check for check(mate)s.
  • The player is not notified when the game ends.
  • The moves are not recorded.
  • The figures may appear weird in certain circumstances.


The source code is licensed under GNU AGPLv3 ONLY. Textures are licensed under CC0 1.0 (as these are likely ineligible for copyright in the first place).



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