A ComputerCraft-inspired mod! Program them with LUA and watch them work!

Work in Progress Education Survival

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A ComputerCraft-inspired mod for Minetest!

Working Features

  • LUA can be uploaded and ran on a turtle (see /examples)
  • Actions like mining, moving and turning the turtle
  • Turtles take time to do actions such as moving,mining,turning,etc

Security Problems

  • The turtle code isn't sandboxed, so turtles could call dangerous functions (Add sandboxing)
  • Anyone can upload code (Add code-uploading privilege)

Features to Add

  • Add dumping into chests to create fully-auto mining
  • Add fuel, so everything consumes fuel until it runs out or refuels
  • Inventory management commands, such as crafting, sorting, and dropping

Anyone interested in adding these features can try in entity/turtle.lua, I'd be interested in any great working pull requests!



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