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How do I install this?


/add_npc <id> <position> [name] [texture] [dialog]

Add NPC with ID <id> at <position>, optionally setting nametag [name], texture [texture] and dialog file [dialog]

/remove_npc <id>

Remove NPC with ID <id>

/npc_load_dialog <id> <dialog>

Load dialog file <dialog> for NPC with ID <id>

/npc_set_name <id> <name>

Set nametag of NPC with ID <id> to <name>

/npc_set_texture <id> <texture>

Set texture of NPC with ID <id> to <texture>

/npc_set_pos <id> <position>

Set the position of NPC with ID <id> to <position>



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  • Great but still undocumented


    While i enjoy your mod and only suceed only once spawning a NPC, it would be great to add example. So i added some information in your file as i did for other mods.

    I tried to find the correct command. Should i write :

    • /add_npc a pos:(100,100,100) igor le bossu
    • /add_npc 1 100, 100, 100 igor
    • etc

    I'm not a magician :(

    And after lot trial, here is an example that works :

    /add_npc 1 120,5,170 Igor mobs_igor3.png

    • <ID> is a number to identify your NPC
    • <position> x,y,z where x,y,z are number without any space. Press F5 to get your coordinate.
    • <name> only write his/her first name. lenghty name as "Igor the buttler" aren't supported
    • <texture> the name of the texture found in mods/mobs_npc/textures