The item shelf mod is a simple mod that adds to shelves that can hold up to 4 or 6 items. This small limitation is due to the fact that shelves show the items they are holding using entities. The entities are purely static and consume 0 CPU (like the ones in itemframes for example), but still the limitation is to avoid lag.

There are no crafting recipes at the moment. To get an item shelf, play on creative or use: /giveme itemshelf:small_shelf or /giveme itemshelf:large_shelf. Both shelves are of the same size, however they can hold 4 or 6 items respectively.



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  • Nice little useful mod

    Three types of shelfs: two with the size of a full node, one of them with 4 slots the other with 6, three of the half size of a node, vertically split one of them with 4 slots the other with 6 and the third has 6 slots two and an open backsite.

    Texture is for all shelf default:wood of minetest_game.