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The item shelf mod is a simple mod that adds to shelves that can hold up to 4 or 6 items. This small limitation is due to the fact that shelves show the items they are holding using entities. The entities are purely static and consume 0 CPU (like the ones in itemframes for example), but still the limitation is to avoid lag.

Shelves should work with protection mods (currently only tested with areas mod). Without any protection they are public, otherwise they obey the proection of the area

There are three different types of shelves, and all three come in two different flavors: holding 4 or 6 items. * Shelf: like a bookshelf, one cube wide * Half shelf: while not exactly half a cube, it is less deep * Half open shelf: like the above, but with no back


All code is copyright (C) 2018-2022 Hector Franqui (zorman2000), licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.



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