After Earth

The earth's ecosystem has collapsed, and there are no biologically environment left.

Environment / Weather / Ambience Player vs Environment (PvE) Survival

The earth's ecosystem has collapsed, and there ain't biologically environment left. And the planet has become a difficult place to live on.

The only way to survive is to look around in trash for food and stuff, you have to eat everyting eatable, like grass and leaves and flowers. Not even the water from lakes is longer drinkable, it is more like death traps.

The extreme temperature differences makes stone and sand in sunshine is too hot to touch at all And the sunshine is far too power at afternoon 11:00 - 14:00

Unpredictable weathers can suddenly turn to storm, and can push away blocks, mobs, players and stuff.

Heavy gas accumulated at low ground and into lakes, with makes it hard to breathe and dangerous to mine in underground

Use empty bags to fill with air, use in suffocating blocks to breathe You can also put stuff in placed bags, burn with them and craft 9 empty to a block There can be sharp stuff in trash, it hurts when you are digging them, use a tool instead of bare hand. The clouds will be transparent and the sky black at night

Craft rubber blocks by 9 tires, that is more secure to build with They wont burn, be hot or blow away in storms + bouncy



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