How do I install this?

Multi dimensions This mod adds a few dimensions to the game (you can add more)

You can find the "Dimensions teleport tool" in creative to go to them, or type "/giveme dim" (You need the "dimensions" privilege to use it) Teleport yourself to dimensions by point in air/blocks, or teleport other players/objects by pointing them.

There are also crafable "teleport blocks" (click to teleport, and works with mesecons)

All teleported players that not have the "dimensions" privilege will get there spawnpoint and home set in the new dimension (using "beds" and "sethome") They cant get back unless teleporting in somehow or have/making "teleport blocks"

Players cant see or hear players from "other diamnsions" or just if they are 800 blocks away

You can change settings in the init.lua



Do you recommend this mod?

  • It is much configurable

    This mod allow us to create new "dimensions", but i prefer to see they as "planets". Allows a big configuration, we can add "ores" in the ground, grass, dirt, sand, water or stone, only selecting the probabilities or other options. And with the min_heat and max_heat configs we can simulate "biomes".

    It's very good how it works.

  • Hey I have a question, I am planning

    on making a new game and I am wondering if I could use this, either way cool mod!


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