Adds super overpowered and expensive endgame tools, armor, weapons, and blocks

Tools / Weapons / Armor

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For Minetest 0.4.16/17 and above

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This mod adds powerful endgame tools, armor, and blocks for players that feel like they have everything in the game, this is yet another milestone for you to reach. While these items are made very powerful they are also very hard to get as you need 1 diamond block and 1 mese block for each ingot as well as some of these items than need not only OP Ingots but OP Blocks meaning you will need 9 more.


Ingots: Use 2 diamond blocks and 2 mese in the craft grid in a checkered pattern to get 2 untreated ingots. Smelt these in a furnace to then get the ingots.

Blocks: Fill craft grid with ingots in the same way that you would craft blocks made from other ores.

Tools/Weapons: To craft the sword use 2 ingots and 1 obsidian shard in the same pattern as a default sword. For the multitool use 2 obsidian shards and 3 alloy blocks in the shape of a pickaxe.

Armor: Same as default with ingots, however in the helmet there is a block in the top row and and in the chestplate a block in the very center.



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