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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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  • Explore the world of Middle-Earth with custom races, mobs, mapgen, trees, plants, potions, armour, weapons and much more!
  • Hire mob guards, enter Mordor and fight the orcs with your army, explore abandoned structures and loot the precious items.
  • Side with the evil side and become an orc, and venture the rest of the world, slaying all that cross your path.
  • Find old hidden forges and craft the rings of power!
  • This is the one subgame to rule them all!

There are various guides that can be found in generated structures that can provide more information regarding certain features. For more information, refer to the forum topic.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Fabulous

    Apart from the fact that we spawned in Mordor and had to struggle for our lives in the first hour it was easy to get into due to the similarity to Minecraft, yet different and challenging. It feels like an actual game with fully functional gameplay with few rough edges left. Exploration, Farming (though my crops seem to be quite slow to grow), Different Races, Mining, Creative Building, Survival - it is all there. There is some guidance, but it is also quite intuitive. And there is some info on the wiki: My favorite so far next to NodeCore.

    I posted some more detailed feedback here:

    By the way, despite being a great game, I don't think this deserves the "One-of-a-kind / Original" tag - there are multiple games in that direction, and the concept is not new. I think this tag is generally a bit overused, tags should be voted by the community.

  • Amazing Race Game

    I love the concept of choosing whether you have to be dwarf, orc or human. This fantasy is quite good.

  • Lotr-themed minecraft

    This subgame is now old but still enjoyable. It has a lot of content (brewing potions and alcool), classes, biomes, and even an endgoal (rings), the help/manual is well integrated in the game. The survival game is really fun, I loved the exploration (always wanted to visit Lorien). The varied decorative nodes makes the creative game really fun too.

    The divide/alliance between mobs and player classes can be great for a multiplayer server too.

  • Medivial

    Pretty medivial lookong game with mystic mechanims based on magic. Love it.

    But why cant I kill mobs



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